Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Morning Sweep

After three years, the annual number of same-sex marriages has plateaued in Massachusetts. Anti-gay groups claim it's because gays don't really want marriage after all. Pull-out fact: 64 percent of the marriages have been between women.

The Rhode Island Supreme Court will hear a complicated lesbian divorce case: because the state recognizes same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts, the Court must decide if R.I. can perform divorces if the married couple decides to split.

All My Children tries out a transgender storyline and falls flat on its face. GLAAD gives the show an A for effort, though.

Garden State Equality claims that of the 852 civil unions obtained thus far in New Jersey, 1 in 8 are not recognized by employers or insurers. writes about increased labor support for LGBT issues both in New York and nationally.

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David Goehring said...

The EDGE Boston article doesn't mention that the plateauing could also be attributed to the DOMA- established lack of federal recognition for Massachusetts' marriages. The lack of federal rights throws a rather wet blanket over the benefits of a state-recognized marriage.