Thursday, May 24, 2007

Morning Sweep

Lawmakers in Washington will hold hearings over the Defense Department's policy of dismissing linguists on the basis of sexual orientation. So far 58 Arabic language experts have been released because they are openly gay or lesbian.

Hillary held her first major gay fundraising event in Washington last night.

Gay Pride Rockland has been set for June 10. The family-oriented event will take place in Nyack and features openly gay former NFL player Esera Tuaolo.

Mary Cheney gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. Maybe someday Samuel David Cheney will ask grandpa why he was so strongly in favor of policies that discriminated against his family.

The FDA has decided to continue its policy of discriminating against gay men who want to donate blood.

A Brooklyn couple who suffered sustained harassment from a landlord because they are lesbians are now suing their (now former) landlord for discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The Amherst Times ran an opinion piece in support of the marriage bill written by Progressive Western New York blogger BuffaloPundit.

David Mixner writes on how gay Dallas has become.

Kansas now has its first municipality recognizing domestic partnerships.


David Goehring said...

Doesn't this new article combined with this old article mean lesbians score higher than average on the SAT?

Just a thought...

J.Friedman said...

Is Heather Poe going to be on the birth Certificate as the 2nd parent?

J said...

No, Heather Poe will not. Virginia does not allow that. They do not allow second parent adoption either. They don't even allow a single person to adopt. The only people allowed to adopt are a heterosexual married couple. Heather Poe will be treated as a legal stranger to her own son, just as all the other children of gays and lesbians in that state and others. I'm so thankful I left Virginia for New York. While we still have a ways to go in NY, anything is better than VA.