Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Marriage equality will boost New York's economy

New York City Comptroller William C.Thompson, Jr. has quantified the economic benefits of marriage to New York State and New York City in a report his office put out today called “Love Counts.”

He’s done some very interesting number crunching that includes using U.S. Census data and other information about same-sex couples here in New York and out-of-state to determine how much our economy will benefit from the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Bottom line: marriage for same-sex couples boosts the NYS economy by $184 million and the NYC economy by $142 million the first three years after legalization. Comptroller Thompson summarizes the findings of his report here.

And why shouldn’t marriage be good for the economy? A couple’s wedding day is about having family and friends be part of a public affirmation of the love they have for each other and that usually costs something. In a more general sense, though, marriage is about making families stronger and communities stronger so the fact that there’s a connection to the economy makes perfect cents.

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