Monday, June 11, 2007

Morning Sweep

Pride came to Rockland County over the weekend. The ninth annual Gay Pride Rockland featured a speech and musical performance from gay former pro footballer Esera Tuaolo.

Albany's Pride celebration featured families and a high turn-out of elected officials

The Pride Fairy(ies?) also came to Brooklyn over the weekend. Here's an update on where Brooklyn lawmakers stand on the issue of marriage equality.

A Methodist minister in New Hartford, NY came out to his congregation as he announced his retirement after 30 years of service. The congregants were overwhelmingly supportive.

Queens Assemblymember Nettie Mayersohn is battling GMHC on the issue of mandatory HIV testing for those indicted on rape charges. The issue has met strong resistance from some of NYC's other liberal Assemblymembers, but Speaker Silver has said that the bill will be brought to a floor vote before the end of the session.

The Massachusetts House may vote this week on whether or not the issue of gay marriage should go to the ballot for a general vote. If the House votes it down, the possibility of reversing the marriage decision in Massachusetts will finally go away for good.

If an irrelevant Republican presidential candidate makes an anti-gay comment and no one's paying attention, does he make a sound?

In case you missed the results from last night's gay superbowl, Queerty's got 'em.

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The Divine Grace said...

I can't believe this! Here you all are talking about angry politicians, mandatory HIV testing and regiional gay pride festivitites while Paris Hilton is rotting away in some jail cell.

Get your priorities in check and on lock, you heartless clods!

(Seriously, thanks for the great read as always!)