Friday, June 22, 2007

Morning Sweep

Alan Van Capelle responds to Errol Lewis' tired arguments against same-sex marriage. The exchange is actually quite spirited.

The New York Blade identifies some key lawmakers to thank for the Assembly's passage of the gay marriage bill.

The New York Sun finds yet another reason to complain about the advancement of equality for same-sex couples--this time involving a perceived "lack of hearings" for the religious community in the Assembly's bill-passing process. The NYS Assembly might have learned a lesson from neighboring Connecticut, which recently had a visit from that circus.

This year's Pride March Grand Marshals are two religious leaders who have been involved in LGBT rights activism for quite some time.

Always-progressive Wal-Mart has decided to cease all support for LGBT organizations because of pressure from right-wing groups.

The controversial bill calling for required H.I.V. testing for rape suspects has passed in both the State Senate and the Assembly.

Rosie's replacement on The View may be an openly gay man.

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