Friday, June 15, 2007

Morning Sweep

***Pardon the delay in getting the Sweep up today. Pride season + end of legislative session = busy time at the Pride Agenda. So here's the "Morning Sweep" late edition. Have a fantastic weekend.

As we all know by now, same-sex marriage is safe in Massachusetts.

Some moving words from one Mass. lawmaker on why she changed her vote to become one of the 151 members who voted against the ballot measure.

Aside from an overtly political rant nestled in the posting, Andrew Sullivan's comments on the Massachusetts vote are actually quite poignant.

Dallas may vote in the country's first-ever openly gay big city mayor this weekend.

One of our favorite straight rabbis, Ayelet Cohen of NYC's LGBT synagogue Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, will be "marrying" her fiance this weekend, but won't actually be signing any legal documents: " This is one of the major social injustices of our time," she said. "I cannot, in good conscience, participate in a system that actively excludes and discriminates against same-sex couples."

Maybe this lesbian Klezmer band will perform at the rabbi's ceremony. If nothing else, they get the gold star for world's best band name: Isle of Klezbos.

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