Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Morning Sweep

NY1 covers the Pride March. Be sure to click through to the video to see Lt. Gov. David Paterson's comments on the marriage bill.

One upstate Republican Assemblywoman explains her "no" vote on the marriage bill, saying that she may eventually change her mind on the issue.

Here's a breakdown of how the Brooklyn delegation voted on the marriage bill.

The New York Sun responds to comments made by the Pride March Grand Marshals about Mayor Bloomberg's unwillingness to march past St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Elizabeth Edwards voices her support for gay marriage, while here husband says he's not there yet.

Democrats running for president have a hard time expressing their support for gay rights.

A New Jersey school district has reversed a decision to order a yearbook picture of two male students kissing to be blacked out from all copies. The students involved are calling for a public apology.

CNN profiles same-sex couples who have adopted children and discusses the challenges that these families face because of discriminatory laws.

The victims of a hate crime in Rochester are suing the police department due to their shameful (lack of) response to the attack immediately after it happened.

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