Monday, June 18, 2007

Morning Sweep

New York Magazine this week features a lengthy piece about biological indicators for sexual orientation.

New Jersey's law making discrimination against transgender people illegal went into effect yesterday.

NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is still deciding on whether or not he will bring the marriage bill to a floor vote before the session ends on Friday.

The plaintiffs in the Hernandez v. Robles case sent a letter to the NYS Assembly asking for a vote on the marriage bill.

Predominantly Catholic Colombia will be the first Latin American country to recognize same-sex relationships...making that country more progressive than the U.S. and the State of New York.

Gay marriage is gaining more support in Sweden.

There will be no gay mayor in Dallas for now.

Andres over at Blabbeando has a visit from the Ghost of Latino Pride Past and shares some great pictures from the last ten years.

A coalition of mostly African American ministers is calling upon the U.S. Congress to vote against the Hate Crimes Bill, claiming that it would prevent them from preaching against "immoral behavior."

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