Monday, June 4, 2007

Morning Sweep

The mayor of Binghamton issues an Executive Order treating out-of-state marriages between same-sex partners the same as other marriage in terms of city services. Binghamton joins a lengthening list of municipalities, state agencies and businesses in New York doing the same thing. Read here and watch here.

Tonawanda News editorializes about a gay student who left North Tonawanda High School because the school refused to provide a safe learning environment.

Activist and former Clinton White House aide Ginny Apuzzo talks at New Paltz Pride about the fight for equal rights and marriage equality in New York.

Diversity Rules, a magazine for the Oneonta LGBT community marks its one-year anniversary. Read here.

Two articles on dance as community-builder and liberator -- "Desilicious" is a monthly gay South Asian dance party in Tribeca and Barbara Ehrenreich writes an opinion piece in the New York Times about the recent dance protest on Fifth Avenue and the centuries old political conflict between dance and the “forces of order and hierarchy.”

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