Thursday, June 7, 2007

Morning Sweep

Two potential hate crimes are currently under investigation in New York--one in Rochester, involving non-responsive police officers and one in NYC at nightclub Pacha, where club staff may be the culprits.

Continuing his abysmal track record with the LGBT community--and his penchant for appointing incompetent officials to important offices, President Bush has nominated anti-gay Kentucky doctor James Holsinger as the new Surgeon General.

Writing on Connecticut's "Marriage vs. Civil Unions" court case, the New York Times advocates for nothing short of full marriage equality.

Rochester Unitarian ministers Kaaren Anderson, Scott Taylor and Jen Crow have decided to stop signing marriage licenses until marriage is available for same-sex couples.

Queerty provides a great profile of New Mexico Gov. (and Democratic candidate for president)Bill Richardson and his history on LGBT issues.

In case there was any mystery, CBS2 in Chicago provides a list of openly gay celebrities. (RuPaul? gay?)

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