Monday, June 11, 2007

The Sun doesn't shine for all


Disclaimer: the only reason why we’re spotlighting this editorial is to demonstrate the absurd lengths to which some will go in their efforts to justify discriminating against gay couples.

The New York Sun, it seems, will try to find a way to oppose marriage equality any time a new argument supporting it arises. This time, however, they fall on their own sword: when it comes to taxation—just as when it comes to any other marriage-related issue—same-sex couples want to be treated JUST LIKE any other couple in New York. No better, no worse. Then, once we are treated equally, those who oppose a certain tax “burden” on married people can join with like-minded opposite-sex spouses in civil protest if they wish.

But don't advocate discrimination of gay families to push an anti-tax agenda. The argument is weak, if not illogical.

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KipEsquire said...

You're totally misreading the piece.

"gay marriage, which is something about which reasonable persons can differ"

"there are all sorts of reasons to be for or against gay marriage"

While not entirely praiseworthy, these are hardly the rantings of a myopic, bigotry-at-all-costs homophobe.

The aside that "it might actually be a reason to oppose it" is of course snarky satire. How could you not see that?