Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Morning Sweep

Rochester police are looking for perpetrators of a hate crime that took place outside of a night club last week. Police that originally responded to the scene had let the suspects go, preferring instead to harass the victims. Rochester city officials--and even the FBI--are investigating.

The Legislative Gazette has a nice overview on what's happening with marriage equality around the state.

Former Massachusetts governor and candidate (briefly) for the 2006 New York gubernatorial race Bill Weld has publicly stated that he hopes state legislators defeat the proposed ban on gay marriages in Mass.

John Edwards picks up more LGBT support, including GLSEN Executive Director Kevin Jennings.

Gawker's new regular column "And the Brand Played On," is like the gay version of Overheard in New York...but more like an overheard-on-the-LIRR-to-Fire-Island version.

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